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Трудные случаи написания Н и НН



из правила написания Н и НН


невиданный                                   медленный                        священный

негаданный                                    деланный                            считанные

нежданный                                    желанный                           обещанный

нечаянный                                      чеканный                            штукатуренный

неожиданный                               чванный



корчёванный                                                         смышлёный



названый брат

посажёный отец

приданое невесты

прощёное воскресенье

конченый человек

Исследования истории. Знамя Истории Земли. Флаг Истории.


Реальная история Земли в большей степени не известна, почему древние народы изображали своих Богов в неких скафандрах? По крайне мере, они очень похожи на астронавтов. Откуда у них такие знания? Нормально даже неизвестно кто строил каменные сооружения по всему миру. Есть определённые предположения, но все равно берут сомнения.

Как например объяснить древнюю машинную обработку камня?

Честно говоря, мне не верится, что всё это сделано зубилом и молотом, не верится и все.

Древние изображения Богов, похожих на астронавтов.

Разве эти Боги похожи на людей? Решать вам. Как по мне, так нет. Вот такая вот наша история Земли.

А это похоже на предметы гигантов. Почему по всему миру изображения гигантов? Что это выдумка или реалии жизни?

А вот фотография полой Земли.

Также в России появился новая творческая тенденция, связанная с этими исследованиями, называется УФОлизм (UFO).

Детали древних механизмов находят по всему миру в шахтах…

А вот так вот древние племена изображали эти машины.

Технологии древних индейцев круче современных!



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Let’s take a closer appear at the most prominent remedy possibilities emerging correct now. One particular proposed process of therapy is to primarily harvest these antibodies from people who have created the antibodies precise to Coronavirus. In susceptible men and women who contract a far more really serious case of Coronavirus and deteriorate into acute respiratory syndrome, intubation and mechanical ventilation (getting hooked up to a breathing machine) may perhaps be essential. Even if healthcare conspiracies are mainly confined to the fringe, the effects of conspiratorial beliefs on public well being may possibly finish up exacerbating the spread of the virus. Public Well being England stated: It is feasible that there might be a compact boost in all round exposure to radio waves when 5G is added to an current network or discuss in a new location. For instance, on a normal basis use of face masks in public is genuinely helpful for coronavirus cure march 2020 dvd new releases all individuals. The WHO (Planet Overall health Organization) has answered ten inquiries to protect against persons from becoming misled by all these sayings and treatments. Individuals who are taking ACE inhibitors ought to talk about with their doctor regardless of whether or not it is protected to stay on the drug if they contract chinese coronavirus cure antiviral drug coronavirus statistics. In the previous eight sufferers have been discharged from hospital.

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But ahead of we can recognize precisely how we can potentially treat Coronavirus, we have to take a appear at specifically how this virus exerts its effects on the human physique. How Does Coronavirus Influence the Physique? Coronavirus can be cured by boiled garlic water. 1. Can the virus be prevented by consuming garlic? As soon as your physique is exposed to a viral infection, you create antibodies created to recognize, target, and get rid of that distinct virus. As soon as alerted to this viral invasion, your physique launches an immune response — deploying immune cells and activating your inflammasomes. This overproduction and flooding of cytokines and immune cells in the lung tissues in response to Coronavirus is what causes the huge inflammation that is so damaging. This causes what is recognized as a «cytokine storm». We’re going to take a appear at the fascinating Coronavirus therapy alternatives that are on the horizon. These who are at a larger threat really should note to take additional precautionary measures such as frequent hand washing and avoiding these who are currently sick.

As far as I know, no one particular has died, but the danger is there. There has been no proof that the illness can be spread by means of household pets, such as dogs or cats, nor is there proof that these animals have been infected by the virus. Symptoms of MERS consist of fever, discuss cough, and/or shortness of breath, with pneumonia, organ failure and septic shock normally brought on by the illness. Remdesivir, a drug created to combat the Ebola epidemic, seems to be the most promising of the 4 therapies, as the experimental drug has currently proved to be powerful against the SARS and MERS viruses. Specialists say the international neighborhood is concerned about the virus for the reason that so tiny is identified about it and it seems to be spreading speedily. The Corona virus is causing overall health complications in lots of nations, like China. It is early 2020 and Coronavirus has been officially declared a pandemic by the Globe Overall health Organization. With no getting effectively informed, it is uncomplicated to fall victim to the negativity that the news perpetuates. Net searches for Arbidol took off sharply as news of the coronavirus epidemic spread.

Russia’s personal Federal Antimonopoly Service says it has received complaints more than radio marketing for Arbidol that claims it can be made use of to treat or avert Covid-19. It is unlikely that the Arbidol tablets becoming sold are fake, due to the fact they are so low cost to obtain in Russia that generating fake tablets would be far more high priced. The packages out there on eBay in the UK are getting sold by men and women in Russia for about £30 ($39) for 20 tablets in Russia, they expense about £1.50 ($1.96) a pack, so the typical markup is about 1,900 per cent. Numerous measures are becoming taken to stop this life-threatening virus and each day one thing new comes up. He offers clear communication to the folks of his state, chinese coronavirus cure meme funny birthday he’s not becoming an authoritarian jerk for the most element and has regularly been sincere in his praise for President Trump’s stellar response to the virus. Amongst these chemical messengers are cytokines, a class of tiny proteins that play a essential function in immune technique activation and communication.

Coronavirus ‘cures’ For $170 And Other Hoaxes: Why Some People Today Think Them

Washing your doggy is a single of those people essential chores that should get completed by you or an basic dog obedience training terms vocabulary strategies chart individual else. The excellent information is it does not have to be an disagreeable task if you solution it with a optimistic mind-set. Most pet dogs do not like to be washed, but they value the speak to and interest. Washing the pet can be a bonding action as very long as you create mild, type, but organization management from the get started. Prior to washing, some grooming ways ought to be adopted prior to the drinking water and shampooing. A extensive brushing really should be carried out. Washing your pet dog can get sloppy use previous garments or a bathing accommodate. Consider your dog’s emotions into thing to consider and the complete system will most likely go very effectively. Use very careful, mild actions and be positively included with nice voice tones. A booster bathtub is suggested by veterinarians, breeders, and handlers around the world! You can clean your canine in the bathtub, sink or a «booster bathtub».

Vacuum your dwelling often and seal vacuum baggage right before disposing. • Clean the bedding of your pet weekly in heat soapy h2o. This is exactly where fleas ordinarily breed. • Bathing your pet supplies plus coupon 2018 weekly with a gentle pet shampoo helps prevent flea invasion. • Use cedar shampoo for your canine, and set cedar oil in their sleeping mats. Cedar will repel fleas and other bugs. • Fleas are captivated to dry pores and skin, so to stay clear of it, give your puppy Linatone oil blended with its meals. Abnormal shampooing need to be averted. • A combination of brewer’s yeast and garlic, out there in powder or pill variety can be provided in tiny doses to your pet. This makes a selected odor in animals, and fleas are undoubtedly to keep away from them. • Clean or dried pennyroyal leaves is a organic flea repellent. Use this in carpets to steer clear of the abundance of fleas in the house. Do not use it if you have smaller small children all-around, as this could be poisonous. • A combination of sixty ml of lavender oil with 2.8 liters of rock salt can also be put in locations where by puppies ordinarily appear in get hold of with and this remedy could also be utilized to clean your puppy. In case you loved this article and you would love to receive much more information with regards to pet supplies plus coupon 2018 kindly visit our webpage. • Planting marigolds in the garden is useful much too, it repels sure varieties of bugs as nicely as fleas. • Boiled lemon or orange peel in drinking water can be made use of as a dip for pet dogs and can be made use of far too to soak in pet dog bedding for a handful of several hours, then washed with heat soapy h2o.

Worst of all, your canine will commence biting to vent his annoyance. This habits may well be baffling for you, in particular given that you enjoy your doggy and will do something to preserve him delighted. That at the time adorable, playful tiny dog is now quickly turning on you. The point is, puppies are born with pack habits embedded in their brains, and from working day 1 are getting taught by their mom, siblings, and other users of the pack, all about the principles and polices of the pack as a full. Quickly, when this dog is 8 months aged, it is taken out by a human from its mom and his pack surroundings, into an unfamiliar planet, in which all the principles he is aware and understands, do not implement any longer. Now it truly is up to you, his new human guardian, to just take more than the place his mom still left off, and instruct him via good puppy obedience coaching, how to behave in his new human planet. This is commonly where by matters go erroneous.

Two spots differentiate what seniors prioritize from what other folks do: age friendliness and health and fitness-associated price. Pertaining to age friendliness, your conversation with the support will be the similar irrespective of your age. The assistance will be undertaking all the perform. Even so, if you are working with a significant corporation that has a established cleansing ‘program,’ some of the requirements that occur as you age may perhaps not be fulfilled. You may perhaps have to control your anticipations they are not you and will not clear as you do. With the explosion in the amount of seniors, however, neighborhood providers that focus in cleansing seniors’ houses are popping up everywhere you go. These are not ‘age-in-place’ treatment expert services. Alternatively, these are residence cleansing expert services that have an understanding of that getting older seniors have some unique — and extremely specific — needs and never needs. One particular of these area providers might be the ideal alternative, but it need to however go all the checks recognized below for the nationwide solutions. As for well being-connected benefit, wellness performs a much larger part in the desires of senior shoppers vs more youthful shoppers. 4 out of 5 seniors residing at household are claimed to be working with some continual well being ailment. The problem could be rheumatism or arthritis, large blood strain, again challenges, coronary heart sickness and eye-similar challenges this kind of as glaucoma, for case in point. As overall health declines, a number of features of household cleansing will enlarge in value. They incorporate how disruptive the cleansing approach is, how environmentally welcoming the merchandise are so they do not worsen any sickness, how reputable and common the men and women are coming into the senior’s residence and how effectively they offer with an individual whose cognitive abilities may possibly be failing.

Duck searching is a well-known activity appreciated by outdoorsmen from all around the world. Ducks are a migratory species, indicating they invest their summers in the northern spots, this sort of as Michigan, North Dakota, and Canada, then when cooler temperatures strike, they start a extensive journey south to hotter locations like Texas, Arkansas, Mexico, and South The us. A lot of hunters put together for months for the forthcoming duck year and get excellent satisfaction out of each individual factor of their activity. In particular when working with firearms, it is essential to check out all of your machines to be confident it is in wonderful operating affliction in advance of opening working day. Some essential provides a duck hunter may possibly have are: decoys, duck phone calls, camouflage clothes, and a shotgun. Some avid hunters may perhaps even shell out time and cash on a duck boat or chook canines. The most frequent gun for use in duck looking in the United States and Canada is a semi-computerized shotgun or pump motion, even though some hunters like a split motion gun this sort of as an around-beneath or facet-by-aspect. Most western nations around the world, these kinds of as Canada, the United States, France, and the United Kingdom have banned the use of harmful shot these types of as direct. For security factors this is excellent, but the metal substitution poses additional of a obstacle to the hunter.

Coming Clear About Washing Your Puppy

We tackle a coupⅼe of factοrs beⅼow about ᒪeptitox, you’ll be able t᧐ feel aƅout Leptіtoⲭ good or bad to you after гeading these sections. Using health supplement like Leptitox, your fantasy physiquе can literaⅼⅼy be a few mоnths away from coming true. For many people the sight of a freshly glazeɗ douցһnut can ambiance bearing in thoughts falling in adore and coming home to a pack of unopened cookies can mood follоwing the adult checking аccount of Christmas morning. This small a part within your Mind sends cһemical stairs to decelerate your metabolism, enhance starvation and eat your Electricity. Leptitox also helps to detoxify your phуsique, increase the function of your physiqսe organs, stabіlity youг sugar levels аnd blood strain ranges whereaѕ working to ѕtop yοur cravings for meals. And sugar cravings are thе facet-effect, theyre the symptom of the rеal problem, and treating symptoms ƅy no means makeѕ the problem resolve.

Discussion on Nutrition between communities and Health Extension Workers

Jujube: Effective at treating detoxificаtion, decreasing anxiety in addition to insomnia. It’s a natural dietary сomplement that provides the specified condition and helрs achieve the objectivе by naturally lοwering weight. This product or service isn’t designed to diagnose, handle,trim suit keto рrocess, or conserve you any sitսatiօn. Leptin resistance. One behavior to intention lеptin resistance is in the iɗentіcal method as a рroduct known as leptitox leptitox review leptitox reviews leptitox does it work leptitox nutrition leptitox real review leptitox ingredients leptitox where to buy leptitox australia leptitox supplement reviews leptitox supplement leptitox at walmart leptitox reviews amazon leptitox nutrition review leptitox diet leptitox reviews and complaints is leptitox safe leptitox uk leptitox before and after is leptitox legitimate leptitox weight loss is leptitox legit leptitox honest review leptitox walmart leptitox south africa leptitox review 2020 reviews on leptitox leptitox reviews uk leptitox pills leptitox colon cleanse leptitox discount code leptitox testimonials leptitox scam or real buy leptitox australia leptitox website, a mixture of twenty-two every pure elements which taқe impact bearing іn mind your physique to reverse lеptin resistance and its results. I like to recommend you ɡіve it a go for a four week pеriod to exрeriencе the best results. Most individuals start to see a change in their weight within the fіrst week or two. It ցoes without saying, you simply need to take Leрtitox two times a day for these types of unbelievable benefits to happen. A: The corporate advocates gеtting two suрplements in the ѕupplement twice ԁaily. Leptitox Supplement Review — Revieԝs on Leptitoҳ Trying to find Ꮮeptitox Diet? Of coսrse, Leptitox nutritiοn supplements are really useful by mаny individuals аround thе globе, including some eҳperts.

They are a wоnderful sоurce of vitamіns A, C, E and K, together with severaⅼ mineгals resembling iron, potassium, calciսm and magnesium. When you may have substantial amounts of this hormօne, you are feeling total. The bеst thing about it’s that scientist һave spent yearѕ of researcһ creating this revolutionary prodᥙct to provіde speedy outcomes. Pгobably the greatest options about Leptitⲟx is that it is manufactured insіde USA and it has received the approval of ϜDA. Theгe are 2 major sites from the рlace you should buy Leptitox. Ꮤhere to purchaѕe aսthentiϲ at Biggest Discount? Ϲlick Here to purchase At official Website With Biggest Dіѕcount! You must Ɍead This By Clicқ THIS Link Before you buy! Click Here To observe Videos or ReaԀ Reaⅼ Testimonies Hοw They Lose 1-lb of Fat Eѵery seventy two Hours! If you want to look actual curioѕity and correct youll obsesѕion to intention leptin resiѕtance and reach one thing to fix it. But when that doesn’t ocⅽur any longer, thеn you definiteⅼy eat method more thɑn wanted, and that comes ⲟut in the best way you looк. The way this pill operates іs distinct than many others as a result of it may help witһ the hormones. In consequence, it supplieѕ a natural ɑnd orgаnic method of droppіng weight.

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leptitox leptitox review leptitox reviews leptitox does it work leptitox nutrition leptitox real review leptitox ingredients leptitox where to buy leptitox australia leptitox supplement reviews leptitox supplement leptitox at walmart leptitox reviews amazon leptitox nutrition review leptitox diet leptitox reviews and complaints is leptitox safe leptitox uk leptitox before and after is leptitox legitimate leptitox weight loss is leptitox legit leptitox honest review leptitox walmart leptitox south africa leptitox review 2020 reviews on leptitox leptitox reviews uk leptitox pills leptitox colon cleanse leptitox discount code leptitox testimonials leptitox scam or real buy leptitox australia leptitox website is an all-natural natural mixture that maximizes your metabolism levels and will get rid of the fats out of your stomach and overcomes ⅼeptin resistancе. It’ѕ constructed of top of tһe range 100% oгganic components. ’re extгemely toρ quality, manufactᥙred at an ϜDA-inspected, state-of-the-art facility, its on the most recent gear after which on high of tһat they’re put by means of additional third-party inspeсtions and quality control so you possiƄly can rest assured that Leptіtox is safe. Leptitoҳ is a dietary complement thаt can aid yoս shed weight by decreasing leptin resistance within your human physique. The weіght loss supplement was additionally examined earlier thɑn it was launched out there. Уou’ll be able to positively get the easiest гesolution for the weigһt reduction With аll the detoxification formulation at an inexpensive ԝorth. The value is definitely cheap and there are multiple pаckages accessibⅼe for loads of financial savingѕ. You ѕtill are going to must have to pⅼace energy and energy іnto being propeгly-balanced but with dietary sᥙpplements sevеral issues come to Ƅe so much much simpler. Thanks ѵery much for sharing such a useful ɑrticⅼe. We’re given many causes for our sսgar cravings: pⅼeasure-seeking mind сircuits, intestinal parɑsites, mineral deficiencіes, malnutrition, habitual condᥙct, unbalanced diets, too much salt, buried emotional issues, nonattendance of sleep, stress….

Whether we just like it or not sugaг has a majoг maintain on us. Sugar isnt just confectionary, its compulsion; there is no such thing as a such situation as stopping after only one. With hіs technique, he hаs remaining poweгing even the Keto, lower carb and no sugar diets. However some wօmen and men have even talkеd about trying visibly slimmer after simpⅼy 2 ѡeeks. It reаlly is for anyone who could have a hanging stօmach and thiϲk arms. Everybody who has Ƅought Leptitox has lost a assured meaѕure of ᴡеight in a short рeriod of time. Malaysia, Leptitox with the detoxifying and mending poԝers advances a stгong weight discount by consuming overabundance fat in your intestine, arms, face, hips, and thighѕ with out doing any exercise. Once you will start taking this nutritiⲟnal supplement you possibⅼy can cast off the stubborn fat fгom stomach, arms, face, hips, and thighѕ. In fact you woulԀ possіbly get results simply tаking tһis specific pill bսt if you want the perfect cloѕing results you then sh᧐uld go on a weіght loss progгam plan and also do some exercise too. So if yoս’lⅼ be able to bear in thoughts to do tһis as well as use a pгoven weіght reԁuction weight loss plan proɡram and do train a couple of occasions weekly you then could be amazed at your end outcomes.

Sexy Leptitox Buyer Reviews

Анализ картины Яна ван Эйка «Чета Арнольфини».

  Ян ван Эйк

(нидерл. Jan van Eyck, ок. 1385 или 1390, Маасейк — 1441, Брюгге)









1.   Ян ван Эйк родился и воспитывался в семье….
2. Есть предположение, что он первооткрыватель….
3. Оставил потомкам чуть более 100 картин
4. Наиболее значимое творение — Гентский алтарь
5. Его картины -истории с двойным значением
6. Знаменитая картина » Чета Арнольфини» находится  Национальной галерее в Лондоне.
7. Разбор картины «Чета Арнольфини»
7.1. На картине изображены….
7.2.Молодые люди относятся к ………. сословию, так как……
7.3. Молодожёны заключили брак по…………………..
7.5. В этой паре у каждого свой интерес потому, что он приобретает……., а она получает …….
7.6. Девушка скорее всего……..так как…..Но, возможно, что у неё очень ……. платье и
          многочисленные складки  создают впечатление, что она….
7.7. В помещении находятся ещё гости. Их можно увидеть……
7.8.На стене висит ……  Оно указывает на…… В эпоху такое могли себе позволить…..
7.9.Над молодожёнами висит люстра. Она символизирует…..
7.10. Расположение юноши у окна означает….
7.11.Расположение девушки у кровати означает…..
7.12.Юноша босиком, потому что……… Это ещё раз подтверждает, что он …………
7.13. В комнате есть …. пары обуви…. Каждая пара обуви имеет свой смысл…….
7.14. В люстре …..свечей. Горящая свеча символизирует…..Она расположена над ….. и, возможно, это намёк на то, что……
7.17. Зеркало украшено изображениями из Нового Завета. Их всего….. Часть изображений расположены со стороны…..,
            а часть  со стороны….Это является ещё одним намёком на то, что ………
7.18. Рядом с зеркалом висят….. Они понадобятся супругу, когда…….
7.19. Резное изголовье кровати украшено изображением святой…… Она покровительствует…….. И значит, что девушка ………………………
7.20.Рядом в изображением свято размещён веничек. Он может указывать на то, что…….
7.21.На стене, под зеркалом находится надпись. В переводе она звучит как:……………….. А значит, художник был на……….
7.22.На подоконнике лежит яблоко, которое отсылает нас к …………..
7.23. Рядом с окном, на тумбе лежат апельсины. Это символ ………….
7.24.Перед супружеской парой изображена собачка. В эпоху Раннего Возрождения собака как символ имела два противоположных значения.
           Собака на картине олицетворяет…………. Или, изображение собаки даёт понять………………
7.25. Молодые люди одеты в тёплую одежду, подбитую мехом, а за окном зелёные ветви. Значит, на дворе тёплое время года.
          Это противоречие может быть символом………………………….
Таким образом, можно утверждать , что картина Ван Эйка была им написана после…………………………,
а потрет был заказан для(чтобы)…………………………………………………………

Творческая работа по теме «Театр»

Инструкция по созданию сценической коробки (подмакетника)

Оборудование: плотный картон, ножницы, линейка, цветная бумага, линейка

  1. Взять лист картона и по периметру листа с изнаночной стороны нанести разметку: отметить 2 см от каждого края. Начертить прямоугольник

2. Сделать надрезы по 2 см с каждой стороны. Острым концом ножниц прочертить( прорезать) по линиям начерченного прямоугольника и согнуть картон по линиям. Таким образом, перед вами заготовка для будущей основы под сцену. Склейте коробку, используя клапаны для клея.

3. Вновь взять лист картона и по периметру листа с изнаночной стороны нанести разметку: отметить 2 см от каждого края. Начертить прямоугольник.


4. Измерить лист картона по длинной стороне и отметить середину. Через середину провести карандашом пунктирную линию. Разрежьте заготовку пополам. А затем согнув по линиям, надрезав клапаны для клея, соберите две полукоробки.

5.Приклейте две полукоробки на основание для сцены на равном расстоянии от края коробки. Должно сложиться впечатление, что это пространство закулисья.

6. Измерьте высоту и ширину между приклеенным заготовками и начертите на новом листе заготовку для «задника» сцены. Добавьте по высоте заготовки  2 см с каждой стороны. Прочертите по линейке лини и проведите острым концом ножниц по линиям. Теперь они легко согнуться и станут клапанами , на которые вы нанесёте клей. Приклейте «задник» сцены.

7. Чтобы оформить переднюю часть сцены, там где должны находиться кулисы, достаточно замерить высоту и ширину заготовки. Чтобы зрители видели глубину сцены необходимо вырезать центральную часть заготовки так, чтобы осталась конструкция -портал в виде буквы «П». К оформлению портала моно подойти творчески — придать ему сложнофигурный вид. Подклейте портал к клапанам на передней части подмакетника.


задание по орфоэпии 2 для 11Б


В одном из приведённых ниже слов допущена ошибка в постановке ударения:        НЕВЕРНО выделена буква, обозначающая ударный гласный звук.  Выпишите это слово.

               ВАРИАНТ 1                                     ВАРИАНТ 2                                     ВАРИАНТ 3

1)           пиццерИя                                        двоЮродный                                 крапИва

взАпуски                                          давнИшний                                    кУхонный

кичИться                                          корЫсть                                           прИговор

втрИдорога                                    ломОть                                             принУдить

газопрОвод                                    премИрование                              диспансЕр


2)           облилАсь                                         крАны                                               отбылА

нАживший                                      понялА                                             опломбирОвать

дозвонЯтся                                    укрепИт                                            щемИт

налитА                                             ненадОлго                                      прИнятый

начав                                                загнУтый                                         наделЁнный


3)           прозОрлива                                    зАсветло                                       освЕдомишься

срЕдства                                          бОроду                                            отозвалАсь

начавшийся                                   докумЕнт                                         жАлюзи

щЁлкать                                           красивЕйший                                 давнИшний

сирОты                                             аэропОрты                                      дОсыта


4)           тортОв                                              отклЮченный                             рАкурс

облегчИть                                       плодоносИть                                 путепрОвод

навралА                                           мозаИчный                                    Отрочество

одолжИт                                          полилА                                             повторИт

мизЕрный                                       дОверху                                           дОсуха


5)           добЫча                                            мЕстностей                                     тамОжня

житиЕ                                               щЁлкать                                           приручЁнный

углУбить                                          крАлась                                            граждАнство

дремОта                                          шАрфы                                             сверлИт

слИвовый                                       кОрысть                                            рвАла


6)           завсегдАтай                                   усугубИть                                        прИкус

намЕрение                                     сосредотОчение                           толИка

пуловЕр                                           стОляр                                              хадАтайство

ракУшка                                           фенОмен                                         туфлЯ

стАтуя                                               Экскурс                                              хаОс


7)           осведомИшься                              отозвалАсь                                     клАла

жалюзИ                                           красИвее                                         облилАсь

накренИтся                                    начАвшийся                                   договОренность

новостЕй                                         сИроты                                             кОнусов

нОгтя                                                слИвовый                                       вероисповЕдание

задание по орфоэпии 1 для 11Б


В одном из приведённых ниже слов допущена ошибка в постановке ударения:        НЕВЕРНО выделена буква, обозначающая ударный гласный звук.  Выпишите это слово.

               ВАРИАНТ 1                                     ВАРИАНТ 2                                     ВАРИАНТ 3

1) инАче                                               блокировАть                                  откУпорить

пОутру                                              коклЮш                                           пАмятуя

Исподволь                                      каталОг                                            шассИ

озвУчение                                      кладовАя                                         газопровОд

принЯть                                           придАное                                        плАто


2) донЕльзя                                         сантАрия                                         арАхис

зАвидно                                          мизЕрный                                       вероисповЕдание

облегчИть                                       кичИться                                          ворвалАсь

зАговор                                            пиццерИя                                        бантЫ

упрОчение                                      щекОтно                                          тОрты


3)           клАла                                                мытАрство                                      христианИн

ломОть                                             сОгнутый                                         углУбить

мастерскИ                                       избрАнник                                      свЁкла

предвосхитИть                              тУфля                                                щавЕль

плЕсневеть                                     стОляр                                              исчЕрпать


4)           временщИк                                    мЕльком                                          икОнопись

досЫта                                             знАмение                                        цемЕнт

договОр                                           щАвель                                            оптОвый

прИкус                                              тУфля                                                взапертИ

давнИшний                                    бунгАло                                           кАшлянуть


5)           свеклА                                              ободрИть                                        диспансЕр

инАче                                               костюмирОванный                      глАдильный

экспЕрт                                             украИнец                                        позвонИшь

избаловАть                                     обетовАнный                                зубчАтый

углублЁнный                                  благовЕст                                        гЕрбовый


6)           агЕнт                                                 зубчАтый                                         обетовАнный

позвОним                                       обоспЕчение                                  Импульс

новорождЁнный                          апОстроф                                        облегчИть

нормировАть                                 аристокрАтия                                 инАче

анонИм                                           изобретЕние                                  обОдрить


  1. асиммЕтрия                                   Исстари                                           оптОвый

исповЕдание                                 опЕриться                                       бомбардировАть

баловАть                                         блокИровать                                  камбалА

олигархИя                                       боЯзнь                                             квартАл

безУдержный                                исчЕрпать                                        ветеринАрия